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Little things he loved
loved to fish and grew up fishing at the river,his aunt ponds and anywhere the fish were bitting.Him and his dad would end up coming home soaking wet either falling out of the boat or having to go in after a fishing pole that floated away. These were some of Jonah favorite stories to tell. Gone Fishing

He was not afraid of anyone or anything except spiders that I can remember. He loved boxing and The UFC fights and all Martial arts.He was a huge Alabama fan... Roll Tide !!!!He had a love for movies of all kinds Horror and Action probably being his favorite. He loved and owned the whole dvd collection of Rocky movies. He loved Million Dollar Baby and any kind of Boxing movies. And after a good one he would call and ruin the movie by telling me all the good parts and the ending.He didn't recieve the nickname "BRAT" as a kid for nothing. Photobucket
He use to enjoy bowling and was once on a team with some old friends. He was a great cook and was very creative and passionate in the kitchen. He was the one to call if you needed a recipe or ask how to cook something he always knew what he was talking about when it came to food and would take over with a quickness if you let him.He got great joy doing for others and making an diffrence in someones life.He loved to be loved and needed to be needed I think we all will agree. He was amazing with all children even the really bad ones nobody else could handle. He was a wonderful Father and could not do enough for his little Jaycee. He enjoyed feeding,bathing,dressing her washing bottles and all the little things many other fathers never do. He planned on building her a huge playhouse with lots of rooms for her to play in when she was older. He loved building and creating things he was very handy.Oh man did he have a way of getting under your skin and picking on you to the point where you got so upset with him but no one ever could stay angry long becouse he would make you laugh or at least smile. Then he would say you know you can't be mad at me.He always thought Marilyn Monroe was so pretty and had a thing for Betty Boop.

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Vintage Boxing Gloves Our Jonah enjoyed many things in his life and I feel that he had alot of fun and good people that loved him more than he will ever know. The beach was one of his favorite places to vacation at and he could swim like a fish. He had the best golden tan all year long that we all were so jealous of! And boy did he brag about it and his muscels. You could always sneak in a room where he was and catch him in front of a mirror flexing. He was one of a kind.He was sweet, funny ,understanding, fearless, protective & had a huge heart. If you were lucky or blessed to be apart of my brothers life then you know for yourself how amazing he was. Keep his memory alive by celebrating his life and the wonderful memories we all share of him. This is what my Bubba would of wanted. Photobucket Photobucket
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